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Summer Solstice Ritual

The summer solstice is a time of renewal, transition, and is dubbed the longest day of the year. Take time today to reflect on the first half of the year and set new intentions.

In the past my preferred ritual for the solstice was to practice 108 Sun salutations. This year I acknowledge that I don't have the time and my post-baby body is still in recovery. So I'm softening and trying a new ritual.

The following Summer Solstice Ritual is all about taking a few moments to honor yourself and where your creative endeavors are today.

Set a five minute timer. Rest in your preferred restorative pose. Some options are child's pose or supported fish. Begin by reflecting and appreciating your creative projects of the past six months. Then review what your current creative projects are. Maybe ask yourself the following:

  • Which one of these projects do I want to pour more of my attention to?

  • Which projects can be put on hold?

  • How can I honor my creative flow and care for myself fully?

  • What is my intention for the project I want to focus on?

If the timer goes off and you're still reflecting, stay put. You'll know when it's time to finish your ritual.

Before you go back about your day offer gratitude to yourself for taking the time to reflect. Press the palms together, bringing the thumbs to the third eye. Lift the chin and offer thanks to the powerful sun.

May you move freely and knit often.

In gratitude,



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