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Pose of the Day: Wrist and Forearm Stretch

While I love having uninterrupted time to create, be it knitting, weaving, spinning or some other craft. I know that taking breaks mid-stitching-flow allows me to continue on and feel better all day.

My current weaving project is making a double cloth on my floor loom. I'm warping 8yards and 654 warp ends. This large amount of yarn will allow me to make two small blankets in one warp.

When I was sleying the reed I kept changing the order of colors and designed as I went. So that means the ends are all in a jumble. I've been methodically loosening the ends so they can be smoothly wound onto the back beam.

With all the detangling I'm doing I need a good stretch. My go to movement today is a wrist and forearm stretch. I've been kneeling on the floor to do this untangling so it was a natural transition to be on my knees and stretch a bit. However, you can do the same thing with your hands on the seat of a chair.

Try it out:

(If you have a wrist injury skip this movement)

Place your palms flat on the floor, the seat of a chair, or a table top.

Starting position of wrist and forearm stretch.

With straight arms start to turn your arms and hands so the fingers begin to point away from each other. Pause with the fingers pointing directly to each side. This might be enough.

If you'd like to continue on. Keep on with turning the fingers until the fingers and wrist crease are facing your knees.

Wrist and forearm stretch on a bench.

Take 3 to 5 inhales and exhales. Slowly release by bringing the fingers and wrist creaseto front, so they point away from the body, back to starting position.

Sit on the floor or come to standing and shake out your hands.



Wrist and forearm stretch on floor.


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