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Editor: Melanie Falick

Book Designer: Laura McFadden

Illustrator: Aly Miller

Knitting/Technical Editor: Sue McCain

Copy Editor: Mary Neal Meador

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About the book

Nearly a decade in the making,Yoga of Yarn is the go-to guide for those knitter's who want to take a spiritual journey with their craft.


No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary. This practical and accessible guide will fit in your project bag and be with you whenever you need it. 

Find how simple movements can lighten your mind and body. Explore different breathing techniques for calmer knitting. Discover knitting patterns written for knitters who want to explore meditation as they stitch. 

“Liza understands that knitting, like yoga and meditation, can be a pathway to wellness, even more so when all three are combined.”

—from Foreword by Melanie Falick


Liza Laird is a knitter, yogi, mama of three little humans, and a feisty shiba inu. She is a cofounder of Ragline Knits, through which she teaches knitting and mindfulness classes and hosts retreats online and around the world.


She trained as a yoga instructor at YogaWorks, as a yoga therapist at Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and as a life coach with Coaches Training Institute. She has a BA in psychology from Lafayette College. 

Liza Laird
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