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First Frost

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

This morning was the first frost of the season. It looked like crystals covering were covering the tips of grass and ferns. My lovely little ones have given me a cold and at 28 degrees Fahrenheit outside this morning I opted to stay inside with a cozy cup of tea instead of a long walk with my dog Cosmo. Don't worry Cosmo instead got to run around outside and chase the wild bunnies who live under our deck. While I warmed up inside with a cup of tea I pondered what self-care acts would bolster me today when I'm feeling a tad under the weather. Especially when we are sick, making time for rest and ways to rejuvenate ourselves are so important.

Once the day warmed up and I felt rested from a quiet morning I tackled some work, but made sure to take breaks often and fit in self-care. Some self-care acts that bolster me when I'm feeling slower than usual are:

  1. Time outside - I enjoyed hanging with Macaroni (our newest pet, a Giant Angora Rabbit).

  2. Baking - I baked an orange polenta cake with my kids when the got home from school.

  3. Restorative - Today my yoga was sprawling out on the floor in savasana, with steady inhales and exhales.

Even though I'd love to finish seaming the sweater I am working on, I am off to an early bedtime.

May you all rest, knit, and find joy today.

In gratitude,



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