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Knitter's Affirmation for Full Moon Knitting

Tonight at 7:49 PM the moon will be in full bloom. It's a time for intention setting and transformation. Pull back the shades and let the moon light shine brightly into your home. Or better yet sit outside, bring your current project, and be recharged by moonlight. If it's chilly where you live, like here in the Catskills, curl up in your favorite chair with lots of pillows for support and a handmade blanket over your lap. If you're inside light some candles or a crackling fire to ignite your inner creative spirit and spark new ideas. Soak up the powerful feminine energy to fuel your next project. Have a notebook handy and write down ideas as they come to you. Create an affirmation and set intentions fueled by the moon. Here is an affirmation to try -

The light of the full moon fuels my creative energy and sparks new project ideas.

May you move freely, make often, and be well,



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