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Daily Dose

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Today is a crisp fall day with temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, whispering autumn winds, and sun shining on fallen leaves. As I walk my dog for my daily dose of movement and Vitamin D, I notice how quiet it is. Every so often I hear a woodpecker, one of the alpacas spitting at another alpaca, or a chicken clucking.

When it's cold like this I take a short walk along the meditation path in my yard. At different intervals on the trail we've placed crystals and totems.

A project I did with the kiddos this summer was wrapping rocks with scraps of yarn. We picked rocks we found in the yard, and used leftover yarn bits, then just wrapped the yarn around in haphazard ways. The finished rocks were used them as center pieces for a birthday party this summer. Then when the fall came we decided to place them along the walking path. With little ones always underfoot I'm always looking for ways to play with yarn. (Note: it can be dangerous for birds who find the errant yarn so check back often and bring yarn in when it starts to pull away from the rock.)

A daily practice doesn't have to look a certain way, making conscious choices to honor what you need is a practice in itself.

In gratitude,



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