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5-Minutes is All you need

Be it 5 minutes of knitting or yoga, that is all you need to keep up a daily practice.

When I first became interested in becoming a yoga instructor I felt that it was imperative to practice for 90-120 minutes a day. I carved out that precious time to make ensure myself study supplemented my teacher training practices.

As years have gone by and life has become increasingly more complicated, I have found that those hours I dedicated to yoga have been priceless. However, realistically I can't fit in that amount time for yoga these days.

Over the years I have found that even if all I can do in a day is sit in Easy Pose or Child's Pose for a few minutes I find just as much peace of mind as I did from my days when hours of yoga could be fit in. There are days when I practice for longer, and days when I barely scrape by. But by keeping up consistent daily practice I find greater ease and less drastic emotional ups and downs.

Pick your favorite posture and settle in for 5-minutes. Use pillows, blankets, or a chair for support. Set a timer and rest. When the timer goes off roll your shoulders, relax your jaw, smile and go about your day with ease.

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