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3 Reasons to Stretch your Shoulders

Gomukasana or cow facing arms is a wonderful yoga pose for knitters (and all makers). Here are three reasons to add it to your weekly practice:

  1. Open shoulders. This can be much needed after hours of knitting.

  2. Expansion. Ever find it is hard to reach your back and apply lotion? Daily practice of this arm posture will create the space you need to reach those hard to reach spots.

  3. Posture support. This posture will lengthen, strengthen, and open the upper back, which in turn improves posture.

COW FACE ARMS, gomukasana


Note: If you have a back, shoulder, or neck injury, avoid this posture.

Props: Chair, strap or long straight or circular knitting needle.

1. Sit in a chair. Place the strap over your right shoulder or hold the knitting needle in your left hand.

2. Stretch your arms out to the side in a T-shape.

3. Turn your left palm to face the ceiling, and lift your arm to the ceiling so your bicep is by your ear.

4. Bend your elbow to place your left hand at the back of your head or between your shoulder blades. Grab the strap or point the knitt ing needle down your spine.

5. Rotate your right arm so your thumb points toward the floor. Bend your right elbow and

place the back of your right hand on your lower back.

6. Slide the back of your right hand up your back until it finds the strap or the knitting needle.

7. With both hands holding the strap or needle, pull the elbows away from each other. Remember to breathe.

8. If you feel your head moving forward, open your left arm out to the side and adjust your head back, so it stays stacked on top of your body. Then hug your left arm in toward your ear.

9. Take 5 long and slow breaths and then gently release the strap or needle.

10. Shake out your arms and then repeat on the other side.

Repeat a total of 2 times on each side.

May you move freely and knit often.

In gratitdue,



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