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2 Reasons to Practice Anjali Mudra Daily

Our hands do a lot for us throughout the day. Especially if we are knitters, crocheters, weavers, or makers of any kind. In yoga, mudras form a seal between two body parts so energy can flow without restriction. Often mudras are when two hands or fingers are pressed gently together.

Anjali mudra, or salutation seal, is a well known position and is often referred to as prayer hands. The term anjali translates to offering, and this mudra is often paired with the phrase namaste. This hand gesture is helpful for knitters for a few reasons. First, on a physical level the gesture stretches wrists and creates flexibility in the chest. Second, on a spiritual level it grounds you and opens up the energy flow for sparking creativity.

Two reasons to practice anjali mudra daily:

  1. Flexibility in the chest and stretches wrists.

  2. Sparks creativity.

Follow the steps below to try it out:

Note: If you have a hand or wrist injury, avoid this position.

1. Seated or standing, press the palms of your hands together at the center of your chest. Press firmly so you feel your collarbones spreading.

2. Keep your palms pressing at the center of your chest for 10 breaths.

3. Experiment with lowering and raising your pressed palms. Inhale as you bring the base of your pressed palms up to your collarbones. Exhale as you bring your sealed hands down to where your fingertips are below your chest.

4. Shake out your hands and go back to knitting.


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