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Stash Progress

Transferring my yarn to cones is going faster than I expected, but still will take me most of the fall season to complete. Before this organizing project began I didn't realize how many bits of yarn I have leftover from past finished knitted items. I also didn't fully appreciate until now how relaxing winding yarn can be. Usually, I'm too excited to get a project started and want to rush through the ball winding phase. Now, with my slow and methodical approach to winding yarn onto cones to find the best way to have it look nice and fit fully on the cardboard, I'm finding the methodical step-by-step utterly soothing. Well, as long as no kid is trying to yank the yarn out of my hands as I'm mid-wind. (See image of my son TJ after he took the cone and yarn from my hands🤣)

At the beginning of this endeavor I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of yarn. To simplify I've started winding only the extra bits of yarn from old projects onto cones. The skeins that are unopened and still pristine from purchasing them at my local yarn shops will be the last thing I approach.

There are quite a few different sized cardboard cones out in the world, but I have narrowed down to two sizes that I am playing around with. I find on the wall I prefer the look of the narrow cone head, but winding is a little easier on the wider cone. In the image above you can see I have a range of cone sizes. For now I will keep the different sizes, but if I do end up buying an electric cone winder I may find I need to stick to only one cone size.

For now I have 43 more cones to fill. Wish me luck!

In gratitude,



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