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Playing with Yarn: Stash Busting

As I go through my yarn stash my creative juices are flowing and there are many new projects percolating. For now I want to share a weaving project I just played around with.

One reason I had been drawn to weaving is I wanted to used up my extra yarn. So my most recent weaving project plan was to play with a warp of different yarns and fibers, as well as the weft. I wanted to see what happens when I mix fingering and worsted weight yarns. Mohair and linen.

So I picked through some left over bits of yarn picking different weights, fibers, and colors. My original plan was to make a funky cloth and sew zipper pouches. In the end it came out totally wonky in the best way and I'm loving it as a scarf.

The warp I used was a combination of Harrisville Designs Shetland, a Worsted weight Noro, and a fingering mohair.

The weft is a combo of linen, mohair, Shetland, and Noro. The photos show lots of extra long floats and "threading errors" as I allowed for it the be unbalanced and was playing around with what happens when I do an uneven warp.

I cut off the tassels and sewed the edges of the scarf. The tassels are now mermaids tails for my kids to play with.

And now I am doing a little dance because I have a FO! Celebrating a bit before I warp on.

In gratitude,



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