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On the Road Again

In less than two weeks Kate and I will be hitting the road for our annual Vermont Yoga + Yarn Retreat. Our last one was 2019, and due to COVID, we had to put the last few years on hold. We kept in touch with virtual knitting groups, zoom classes, and through Vogue Knitting Live met even more yoga and yarn enthusiasts. Still, we have missed seeing our friends in person.

If you're new to Yoga + Yarn Retreats I'll give you a quick rundown of what they are. Over a span of four days a group of about 20-25 individuals gather to practice yoga, knit, chat, and enjoy delicious food. There are excursions to local farms so we can ooohhh and ahhh over adorable lambs and alpacas. It's a relaxing wellness long weekend where you can recharge and find inspiration from fellow knitters and yogis. All activities are optional so you can pick and choose how you want your weekend to go. In the past Kate and I would lead two retreats a year, one in VT at Good Commons, and the other in Marfa, TX. Both retreats are fabulous in their own way. This year I am really looking forward to the VT trip because this is where it all began. Back in 2009 when I lead my first Yoga + Yarn Retreat it was at Good Commons, one of my favorite retreat locations on the the east coast. Not only will the birth place of Yoga + Yarn be our first retreat in over two years, but we will present Yoga of Yarn A Knitter's Handbook for Self-Discovery for the first time.

We have some fun adventures planned for the 2022 retreat. We will visit Savage Heart Farm to enjoy some lambs and then head over to Junction Fiber Mill for a look at yarn in the making and maybe buy some of their yarn. I always leave a little space in my suitcase for yarn purchases! We will also enjoy a visit from the brilliant couple who make amazing knitting needles at Dyak Craft. Plus, Kate and I will be teaching a kitchener stitch workshop, because not only is it like magic, but it reminds us of mantra meditation.

As I prepare to drive north to VT and leave the kiddos at home I am filled with excitement and wanted to share some past retreat photos with you. I'll be sure to check in and share updates from this years retreat!

Be well, knit often, move daily, and love fully,



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