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Meditation: The Horizon Within

Benefits: Turns attention inwards, sparks creativity, soothes nervous system.

Props: Timer, chair (optional).

Sit in a chair with a tall spine and feet flat on the ground or rest in a supine position on the floor or a couch. Read through the meditation before beginning. Then set your timer for five minutes and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs completely and then exhale fully. Imagine you are resting on a pile of the softest yarn, maybe some hand-spun alpaca and silk or cashmere if that is more your speed. Feel yourself sink into the luscious softness.

This bed of fluffy, cushy yarn engulfs you, keeps you warm and supports you. From the center of your mind conjure up the image of this yarn creating a lofty cloud that could lift you up off the ground.

Then allow this light, yet strong cloud to lift, lift, lift you up off the floor. Fully supported and safe, cozy in a cloud made of yarn. Rocking you gently.

Visualize your yarn cloud taking you to somewhere you love. Stitch together the details of where you are traveling. Imagine the colors, the smells, and feel how relaxed you are to be there. Breathe in. Breathe out. If you notice your mind wandering, acknowledge the thoughts, and try to not engage in them. Then come back to imagining this creative world within.

Sink deeper into relaxation. Letting the yarn cloud rock you side to side, in this place you love. Allowing the creative world within to become more vibrant with each passing breath.

After a few minutes your cloud of yarn will slowly start to bring you back down, down. Carefully resting you back onto the floor. As your yarn cloud slowly floats away from your body, it takes away any resistance or tension. You are left feeling calm, creative, and joyful.

Take a few deep breaths, and gently flutter your eyes open. Bring this state of calm with you throughout your day and as you create your next knitting project.


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