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How long is too long?

I've been knitting the same cowl for 5 years now. A cowl, not a sweater or king size blanket. I'd like to say there is no real reason that I haven't finished it, but I'm not a monogamous knitter or crafter. I've knit quite a few other projects at the same time, sewn some stuffies, baked a lot, spun yarn, made a few weavings, and more. Oh and I had another baby, and am currently pregnant with child number three. So its not like I've been sitting around doing nothing.

Some projects take me longer than others. And there is no need to finish said cowl. For me, this project is a slow, enjoyable, pick it up and do a few stitches here and there, with no real end in sight.

The project in question is a cowl with two yarns, cotton slub and silk. It's a free pattern from Purl Soho. I started it in June 2018, when my first daughter was almost a year old. I had been living in LA for a short time and discovered that the Purl Soho warehouse was just an hour south of me. So of course while my mother (who taught me to knit) was visiting we had to make the trip to Mecca, aka the Purl Soho warehouse.

When we visited we lucked out with a typical sunny day and I was blissfully happy to be perusing the many yarns, books, notions, and sewing supplies. I wanted to buy it all! Which is how I feel each time I get an email from Purl Soho. (Side note: I didn't get paid to make this post, I just really like Purl Soho!) So my mom and I decided to buy the same project. My mother knit hers up in probably a month, although I don't recall exactly how long it took her, all I know is she finished hers and mine is still sitting in my home in a UFO (unfinished object) state.

So I ask you, dear reader, how long is too long to take to knit a project? Personally, I feel there is no end date necessary. The yarn will not expire like a ripe banana. There is no one waiting for the cowl to be completed, and I am enjoying knitting it. So, I see no reason to rush the process. Maybe after my third baby I will finally finish it. Or not.

Knitting is a journey, and there is no rush. Enjoy each stitch, each click of the needles.

May we all be happy, healthy, and free.

With care and moving slowly,



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