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Whether you want to read cover to cover or just dip into different topics here and there, Yoga of Yarn is practical and accessible. 

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This practical guide takes knitters of all levels on a fulfilling journey of self-discovery.


Using a unique combination of yoga philosophy, movements, meditations, breathing techniques and stitch patterns, Yoga of Yarn re-establishes our knitting practice on a new, stronger foundation -- a foundation that not only enhances our experience as knitters, but also helps us maintain a centered calm in every aspect of our lives.

No prior yoga experience is necessary. All you need is a body, a chair, and a sincere willingness to care for yourself and try new things that will help you knit with greater ease.

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Yoga Postures

Physical postures for you to explore on a chair, mat, or hard floor. Consult a doctor before practicing if you have any injuries.


Hand movements to prevent or heal repetitive injuries and to introduce ways for the hands to channel energy.


Mind-quieting mantras and meditations that explore yoga and knitting.

Breathing Practices

Breathing exercises that elicit a relaxation-response, a sense of peace and calm.

Yoga of Yarn Experiences

Practices that explore the marriage of yoga and knitting to bring greater awareness to lived experience.

Stitch Patterns and practices

Stitch sequences or techniques that bring attention to a specific connection between knitting and yoga.

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