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Thought Stone

Over the past few days, I've had a flareup of hand pain. It hasn't been caused by knitting, thankfully, but I have curtailed my knitting in order to recover quicker. In this time, I've missed my time spent with fiber. In order to soothe not only my mind but calm my hands, I've been using a thought stone during meditation.

I find using props extremely helpful not only in my yoga practice, but my meditation, and knitting (i.e. stitch markers. I love using stitch markers.).

A thought stone can be used in meditation to anchor your focus and ground you. I have been using a moss agate thought stone, which is in the quartz family. Moss agate is linked to the first and fourth chakras (root and heart chakra). Meditating on this stone can be grounding and heart opening.

Meditation as self-care with the support of something like a thought stone, can be extremely healing. Try finding a stone or crystal that calls to you. Maybe while out on a walk in the woods or on the beach you may find something. Or explore your local crystal shop. Be open and take your time.

Namaste. The light within me, honors the light within you.

In gratitude,



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