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The Beauty of Haiku

I recently had an old friend visit. She's a fellow yogi, goddess, and my dearest friend. Over the years we've shared great joys and some darker days. Through it all we have prevailed as close friends, no matter where in the world we have each lived.

Often after one of her visits I'm struck by a new creative idea. Her most recent stay with me has inspired my poetry. She had mentioned to me how she has been writing haikus in Italian. And I haven't attempted an Italian haiku, but I have been playing around with writing in English.

Writing poetry has always been a relaxing self-care act that rejuvenates my soul when I need it most. Especially now when my time is limited, and I can only sneak in so many writing moments with three little ones always vying for my attention.

A haiku is a three line poem with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the middle line, and five syllables in the last line. As I explore this medium I thought I'd share a poem I wrote after being inspired by the recent super-moon.


Vibrant and alive

Blossoming wonder under stars

Joyful beginning

Watch the video below:

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Love it all. You are a great inspiration.

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