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Oh My...Toe

Keeping my hands and body in good health so I can write, knit, practice yoga and manage the homestead is time consuming — especially with three little humans under the age of 5 who need me. I am often juggling many things at once. And rushing around has become my M.O. 

So, I am not surprised that I did a silly thing the other day. As I dashed about to make lunch for three hungry munchkins and tried to finish up some emails while walking to the kitchen, I dropped my phone on my pinky toe. It hurt like freaking hell. I grunted loudly and hobbled over to the freezer to get an ice pack — all while my children were calling to me asking repeatedly "what happened mommy?!". The pain was making me nauseous, and so through gritted teeth, I told them I dropped my phone on my little toe and that I'm pretty sure I broke it. With quizzical looks they stared at me for a moment, then proceeded to go back to their requests for food and toys to be brought to them.

Once everyone was fed, I settled on the couch with my foot elevated and iced. I pondered what I would do if my toe was broken. How might it affect my upcoming retreatAnd I wondered if this would spark enough of a reminder in me to put the phone down and focus on the world in front of me. 

I pondered how to slow down and single-task without becoming overwhelmed by never-ending chores. I pondered how to make sure I am taking time to care for myself — how to make that a priority — and how to slow down before I get into a situation where I possibly, for example, break a toe. 

Thankfully, I got x-rays and the toe is all good. Bruised, swollen, and sad looking. But not broken. I am grateful for that. 

So, as I gear up for the upcoming Yoga + Yarn Retreat, I am slowing down. Whatever needs to get done, will. If I find myself rushing around again and need a reminder, I simply look down at my plump bruised little toe.

This little toe mishap was a nice reminder for me to take life one step at a time. Do you have a way to know when you need to slow down? To know when life is getting to you and self-care has been pushed to the side? 

Move freely, knit often, and be well,



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