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National Yoga Month

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The transition from summer to fall is an exciting one. The change of seasons, the shift from hot days on the the beach to bundled walks in the woods. Sweater weather, its a knitters dream!

The month of September also marks National Yoga Month. A great time to learn more about yoga and its many benefits beyond the physical postures. Taking even only a few minutes a day to practice breathing, meditation, a seated twist, even a moment of silence, is a yoga practice. For knitters, our stitches can also become our daily practice.

If you were to try one yoga practice a day in the spirit of yoga month I recommend Anjali Mudra. A simple pressing of the palms together at the center of the chest acitvates your arms, strengthens your wrists, and spreads your collar bones. Couple the hand movement with deep breathing to ignite your inner creativity. I've made a short video guiding you through this hand gesture, don't mind the one year old in the video trying to have her time in the spotlight.

In gratitude,



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